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Product technical support

Provide scientific research materials of various components and sizes according to customer needs to meet the comprehensive needs of scientific research, industrial R & D and so on

Platform advantages

Provide you with one-stop services including material selection, R & D, pilot test and formal production

High purity material

Provide various purity of 99% - 99. 9999% of high-quality scientific research materials

Smelting mode

Induction melting, arc melting, electron beam melting, zone melting and suspension melting

Pulverizing method

Vacuum water atomization pulverization, vacuum atomization pulverization, mechanical ball milling pulverization

Forming mode

Casting, powder metallurgy, extrusion, forging and rolling, rotary forging and wire drawing, turning, milling and grinding

Scientific research service

Material selection, physical and chemical analysis, chemical analysis, metallographic inspection and mechanical analysis

Service case

Provide accurate and efficient scientific research material processing services, and strive to build a high-end scientific research material service platform

Parts processing

Drawings and samples, one-to-one processing of non-standard parts

Powder customization

Multi component powder, customized on demand

3D printing spherical powder

Special shaped powder, processing with incoming materials, spheroidization

Special material pipe fittings

Casting, extrusion molding, dimensional precision machining

Alloy rolled plate

Forging, rolling, heat treatment, physical property analysis

Various alloy components of ingot

Multicomponent alloy, vacuum casting or powder forming

Scientific research equipment

All kinds of molding and processing equipment to escort the scientific research of materials

Atomization furnace


Nickel base superalloy, thermal spraying alloy, die steel, stainless steelCobalt chromium alloy, aluminum alloy, zirconium based amorphous alloy, etc

Plane grinding


Used for precision metal parts, ceramic sheets, optical glass and other materialsGrinding and polishing, high demand polishing applications

Cutting equipment


Including wire cutting, water cutting, laser cutting and diamond wire cutting, which are used to cut materials with different characteristics

Material plastic processing equipment


Through extrusion, forging, rolling, rotary forging and wire drawing, plate, bar, pipe, wire, etc. are prepared

Induction melting equipment


Metal melting treatment can be carried out under vacuum or protective atmosphere, and vacuum refining treatment and precision casting of alloy can also be carried out

Vacuum suspension melting


Realize the non-contact melting between the metal and the crucible, greatly reduce the pollution of the crucible to the molten metal and improve the metal purity