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Forging processing

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Forging is one of the more critical metal processing processes in the metal manufacturing industry. It is especially important in the metal material industry and is regarded as a huge source of productivity.

Metal forging process

Free forging

All are hot forging. Free forging is mainly based on the production of forgings with small batches. Forging equipment such as forging hammers and hydraulic presses are used to form and process the blanks to obtain qualified forgings. The basic processes of free forging include upsetting, drawing, punching, cutting, bending, torsion, offset and forging.

Die forging

Die forging is divided into open die forging and closed die forging. The metal blank is compressed and deformed in a forging die bore with a certain shape to obtain forgings. Die forging is generally used to produce parts with small weight and large batches.


Ring rolling refers to the production of ring-shaped parts of different diameters through a special equipment ring-grinding machine, and is also used to produce wheel-shaped parts such as automobile hubs and train wheels.

Special forging

Special forging includes roll forging, radial forging, liquid die forging and other forging methods, which are more suitable for the production of parts with special shapes.

common forging metal types.


 Common forged metal types

· Aluminum
· titanium
· brass and copper
· carbon steel, alloy steel and stainless steel
· cobalt, nickel or molybdenum superalloys

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