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Component analysis and testing service

Time:2021-11-09 Author:Changsha Xinkang scientific research material service platform


The status of metal materials in modern industry is extremely important, and they are widely used in our daily life. The analysis and detection of metal materials mainly focus on metal components, organizational structure, physicochemical properties, and performance. The gathering of scientific research materials service platform can be used for You provide one-stop multi-faceted metal material testing and analysis services.

Regarding metal materials, we provide the following analysis and testing services
The scope of testing services involves mechanical property testing, chemical composition analysis, metallographic analysis, precision dimensional measurement, non-destructive testing, corrosion resistance testing, environmental simulation testing, etc.

Analysis of physical and chemical properties of metals
Metal composition analysis, impurity analysis, alloy grade judgment, unknown alloy grade judgment, etc.

Metal Mechanical Testing
Tensile test, bending test, impact test, hardness test, yield strength, tensile strength, etc.

Metallographic Analysis
Microstructure analysis, macroscopic metallographic analysis, phase analysis, grain size detection, non-metallic inclusion detection, metal streamline, etc.

Scanning Electron Microscopy
Three-dimensional topography observation and analysis, material fracture analysis, micro-segregation analysis, line scan, film thickness observation, dynamic observation, etc.

Precise dimensional measurement
High-precision coaxial measurement, three-coordinate measurement, roughness instrument detection, etc.

X-ray inspection RT, ultrasonic inspection C-scan, coloring inspection, etc.

We can provide you with analytical testing services for materials in advanced material development, process selection, and manufacturing processes. The main service areas include semiconductor materials, solar materials, battery materials, elemental and compound materials, various metal materials, etc. If necessary, please contact us.