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Commonly used sputtering backplane materials and instructions for reuse

Time:2022-09-15 Author:Changsha xinkang advanced materials co.,ltd

The sputtering target is divided into a face plate and a back plate. Depending on the material, the sputtering target backing plate also varies. At present, the common sputtering target backplane materials mainly include oxygen-free copper, copper alloy, molybdenum and stainless steel tube and other backplane materials.

Backplane material

/ Oxygen Free Copper (OFC)

The most commonly used material for backplanes today is oxygen-free copper because it has good electrical and thermal conductivity and is easy to process. With proper maintenance, the oxygen-free copper backplane can be reused more than ten times.

/ Molybdenum (Mo)

For some special conditions, such as high temperature bonding. The copper backing plate is easy to be oxidized or warped at high temperature, so when the thermal expansion coefficient of the copper backing plate and the target do not match, the molybdenum backing plate can be matched with some targets with a small thermal expansion coefficient.

/ Stainless Steel Tube (SST)

Currently, stainless steel tubes are most commonly used as back tubes for rotating targets. Stainless steel pipes have good strength and thermal conductivity and are very economical.

Backplane reuse

First, the used backplate should be removed from the target and fully inspected. Inspection points include the flatness, integrity and tightness of the backplane. Then confirm whether it is reused according to the backplane inspection result.

Most backplanes are reusable, especially those with indium that are easy to clean and reuse. If other coating agents (including epoxies) are used, the backplane surface may require mechanical treatment before reuse.

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