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What are the sputtering targets for shielding coatings?

Time:2022-09-05 Author:Changsha xinkang advanced materials co.,ltd

Vacuum sputtering EMI has the characteristics of high electrical conductivity and high electromagnetic shielding efficiency. It can be widely used in EMI shielding of communication products (mobile phones), computers (notebooks), portable electronic products, consumer electronic products, network hardware (servers), medical equipment, household electronic products, aerospace, and defense electronic equipment. It is also suitable for metal shielding of various plastic products (PC, PC+ABS, ABS.).

Shielding (EMI) sputter coatings have the following characteristics:

1. The price is moderate;

2. The thickness of the metal film is only 0.5-2μm, which does not affect the assembly;

3. Vacuum sputtering is a thorough environmental protection process, absolutely pollution-free;

4. Unlimited sputtering materials.

What sputtering targets are available for shield coating?

There are copper, chromium, silver, gold, stainless steel, aluminum, silica and so on.

Silver Sputtering Target

Silver is a soft, lustrous element with a melting point of 962 °C, a density of 10.5 g/cc, and a vapor pressure of 10-4 Torr at 1,105 °C. It has good plasticity, ductility, and is the most conductive of all metals. It is evaporated under vacuum to produce semiconductors, sensors, fuel cells and optical coatings.

Aluminum sputtering target

Aluminum is a silver-white metallic material. Although it is not a strong material, it is a good conductor of heat and electricity and can form a corrosion-resistant oxide layer. If evaporated in a vacuum, the aluminum layer forms a reflective coating on telescopes, car headlamps, mirrors, packaging and toys. Aluminum sputtering targets are widely used in aerospace, automotive lighting, OLED, optics and other industries. Some high-purity aluminum targets are used in the semiconductor chip, flat panel display, and solar cell industries.

Chromium sputtering target

Chrome is a steel-grey, shiny, hard and brittle metal that requires a high degree of polishing to prevent tarnishing and has a high melting point. Chromium sputtering targets are widely used in hardware tool coating, decorative coating, and flat panel display coating. The thickness of the coating film is generally 2~10um, and the coating film has the characteristics of high hardness, low wear, impact resistance, thermal shock resistance and high adhesion.

EMI sputter coating

These sputtering targets can be used for solid conductive metals, organic materials, and insulating materials at any room temperature, and the film formation is dense and uniform, and the film thickness is easy to control. It has strong adhesion and can be used with a variety of different sputtering materials to prepare multilayer films.

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