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XinKang High Purity Evaporation Materials

Time:2022-08-17 Author:Changsha xinkang advanced materials co.,ltd

XinKang company as evaporation materials inside one of the most powerful company can provide all kinds of shapes and sizes of high purity evaporation materials, including pure metal evaporation materials, oxide materials, alloy evaporation materials and composite materials.

The most common shapes of evaporating materials are particles, powder, particles,tablets, rods, plates and rings.Products are widely used in aerospace, solar photovoltaic enterprise, optical coating, melting, electronic information, semiconductor integrated circuit, flat-panel display, recording medium, surface coating, etc. XinKang Deposition is a materials powder manufacturer for all types of thin film applications. As a powder supplier, We providing high purity elemental powder and composite evaporation materials powder in a full range of purities and dimensions to suit any customer needs.

We can also provide hot pressed ceramics, oxides and pure boron.All our elements and alloy warhead are the arc casting of the vacuum arc melting machine.We use a combination of inert gas and cold copper crucible for protection.We cast, extrude, roll and cut each material separately.

Our evaporation materials are vacuum sealed, and once completed, it will be shipped to our customers.We usually use fast and safe logistics companies such as UPS, FedEX, DHL to deliver goods.

If you do not see the evaporation source you need on our website, please contact sunny@xk-materials.com or  whatsapp:+86 15814459429

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