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Two preparation methods of high-entropy alloy target

Time:2022-07-08 Author:Changsha Xinkang scientific research material service platform

Two processes of high entropy alloy target: vacuum melting and powder metallurgy

1.Vacuum melting method: melt a certain proportion of alloy raw materials in vacuum, then inject the alloy liquid into the mold to form ingots, and then machine them into targets. The common methods of vacuum smelting include vacuum induction smelting, vacuum arc smelting and vacuum suspension smelting. Its advantages are: low gas content, high density and large size. Its disadvantages are: when the melting point and density of two or more components are greatly different, it is difficult to obtain an alloy target with uniform composition.

2.Powder metallurgy method: melting and casting a certain proportion of alloy raw materials into ingots, crushing and grinding the ingots into powder, forming the alloy powder by isostatic pressing, and then sintering at high temperature to finally form the target. Its advantage is that the composition of the target is uniform, but its disadvantage is low density and high content of gas impurities. Common powder metallurgy methods include cold press sintering, hot press sintering, hot isostatic pressing, etc.

Manufacturing technology of high entropy alloy target

After the original target is made into ingots by vacuum melting or powder metallurgy, the appropriate heat treatment temperature can be selected to eliminate the internal stress of the ingots to prevent cracking during machining, then machining such as turning, milling, grinding, etc., binding the copper back plate, cleaning, drying, and making the target finished products, and finally through ultrasonic or X-ray detection, vacuum packaging and shipping.

Our high entropy alloy target

(AlHfMoNbTi)、(FeCoCrNiTiMo)、(CoCrFeNiAl)、(TiNbMoTiW)、(CrMnFeCoNi)、(MgSnZnSrBi)、(AlSi)、(AlCu)、99.999%-99.9999% aluminum base alloy、(ZrVMoHfNb)、(NiAl)、(CuAlTiWV)、(NiCrFeMnMo)、(TaHfZrTi)、(WMoTaNbTi)