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Enterprise honor
Xin Kang Company Honor

Environmental management system certificate

quality management system certification

A rapid replacement device for lathe tools

Purification device for high purity nickel production

An alloy target surface processing device

A grinding device for metal target processing

A filtration and purification device for nickel production with multi-stage screening function

A machining device for mechanical parts with rapid cooling

A moving device of metal processing machinery with good stability

An alloy powder screening equipment for target smelting

Patent of automatic feeding machine tool

Patented new mold processing materials

Patent of alloy refining equipment furnace

Patent of a fast stamping abrasive tool

Good stability, metal processing patent

Patent of a part polishing box

Patent with waste collection device

Patent of a fast cooling component

A patent for metal surface heat treatment

Patent of a sputtering coating device

A patent for lathe tool replacement

Aluminum cerium Film Preparation Certificate

Patent of electrical automatic polishing equipment

Patent for machine tool processing fixture