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Sulfur lump / S lump $ 80.00

High purity 4N (99.99%) Sulfur lump / S lump, The price is for reference only, please contact customer service for quotation!!!

element : S     

purity : 3N      3N5      4N     

shape : Lump     

weight : 250g     

Package : Vacuum packaging, carton, wooden box     

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Product details

Market reference price: $80.00/piece.   The price is for reference only,  please contact customer service for quotation.

Product Name:Sulfur lump / S lump

Specification: a single piece is less than 10kg, which can be processed and customized according to customer requirements

Physical and chemical properties:
Sulfur is a chemical element. In the periodic table of elements, its chemical symbol is S and its atomic number is 16. Chemical formula: S. melting point: 444.6 ℃ Relative molecular weight: 32.065 (5) Density: 1.96g/cm3 (different content, different density, subject to the actual requirements) melting point: 112 ℃.

Sulfur is a very common tasteless and odorless non-metal. Pure sulfur is a yellow crystal, also known as sulfur. Sulfur has many different valences, common ones are - 2, 0, + 4, + 6, etc. In nature, it often appears in the form of sulfide or sulfate Sulfur is important in industry, such as sulfuric acid in batteries or solutions. 

Sulfur is used to make gunpowder. Used as vulcanizing agent in rubber industry. Sulfur is also used to kill fungi and as fertilizer. Sulfides are used for bleaching in the paper industry. Sulfate is also used in fireworks. Sodium thiosulfate is used as fixing agent in photography. Fertilizer