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Black phosphorus / BP $ 550.00

High purity 5N (99.999%) black phosphorus two-dimensional material, The price is for reference only, please contact customer service for quotation.

element : BP     

purity : 5N     

shape : piece     

weight : 100g      5g      10g     

Package : Evolutionary bottle glove box filled with nitrogen seal packaging     

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Black phosphorus is a wavy layered crystal similar to graphite that is easily exfoliated into thin two-dimensional layers, up to monolayer phosphorus (phosphoene). Black phosphorene is a natural p-type direct bandgap semiconductor, the bandgap can be adjusted from ~0.3 eV (bulk) to ~1.5 eV (monolayer) by the number of layers, and it has obvious anisotropy with high Electron mobility.


The typical lateral dimensions of the black phosphorus crystals produced by Xinkang are about 0.6-0.8 cm and have a metallic appearance. Due to their flatness, crystals are ideal for optical (ARPES) and scanning probe microscopy (STM, AFM, ...) measurements.

Manufacturing method of black phosphorus : gas phase transfer crystallization method

Application method of black phosphorus:It can be used for mechanical peeling, using peel-off tape to peel off small-layer and single-layer phosphorene, and can also be used for chemical peeling, peeling off single-layer and few-layer black phosphorus suspensions and quantum dots by electrochemical or simple ultrasonic methods

Black phosphorus application:

BP is another very important graphene-like 2D optoelectronic material that has been widely studied recently. Phosphorus atoms are tightly packed into a wrinkled honeycomb structure in a two-dimensional plane. The interlayer spacing of BP is 0.53 nm, which is larger than that of GN (0.36 nm). nm), which is conducive to the insertion and extraction of ions, which makes BP have excellent energy storage potential and has broad application prospects in lithium-ion batteries, supercapacitors and other fields.

BP is a p-type direct bandgap semiconductor, and its bandgap is dependent on the number of layers. With the decrease of the number of layers, the bandgap can be adjusted between 0.3-2.2 eV, and it can emit light in the infrared band, light detection, light modulation, etc. The field of optoelectronics has a wider range of potential applications.

Due to the unique wrinkled crystal structure, BP has large stretching and squeezing properties in the atomic plane, so the crystal can be strained by applying external force, and its electronic energy band structure can be adjusted between the semi-metallic state and the insulating state It can be used for mechanical and electronic sensing, etc. In the atomic plane, the crystal structure of BP has only quadratic symmetry, so its electronic structure has unique anisotropic optoelectronic properties, and it has special properties in the resonance properties of plasmonic devices and the study of thermoelectronics related to lattice orthogonality. application.