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Elastic alloy / 3J40 $ 80.00

High purity Elastic alloy / 3J40, The price is for reference only, please contact customer service for quotation!!!

element : 3J40     

shape : Rod     

Package : Vacuum packaging, carton, wooden box     

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Product details

Market reference price: $80.00 or so,The price is for reference only, please contact customer service for quotation.

Product Name: Elastic alloy / 3J40

Specifications: Various specifications and sizes can be customized according to customer requirements.

Physical and chemical properties

3J40 is a shaft tip alloy used to make shaft tips and small shafts of instruments.

It has high elastic limit, proportional limit, lasting limit, low elastic after-effect, elastic hysteresis, stress relaxation, and has a certain elastic modulus and shear modulus.

Some alloys also have a low temperature coefficient of elastic modulus (shear modulus) and a high mechanical quality factor.

The main purpose:

Instrument, the shaft tip of the instrument.

Main features:

Non-magnetic, shock-resistant, wear-resistant.

Chemical composition


Physical properties

Shape Alloy expansion coefficient βf/(10-6 ℃)
20-55℃ 20-100℃ 20-200℃ 20-300℃ 20-400℃ 20-500℃

Solid solution

12.2-12.7 12.4-12.5 12.6-12.8 13.0-13.1 13.5-13.6 13.8-14.0

Solid solution + aging

11.0-11.5 11.9-12.0 12.0-12.2 12.4-12.5 12.7-12.8 13.1-13.3

Cold drawing + aging

11.6 12 12.1 12.4 12.8 13.3