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Superalloy / GH1140 $ 80.00

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element : GH1140     

shape : plate      Tube      Rod     

weight : 1Kg     

Package : Vacuum packaging, carton, wooden box     

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Product details

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Product Name: Superalloy / GH1140

Specifications: Various specifications and sizes can be customized according to customer requirements.

Physical and chemical properties

GH1140 is a solid solution strengthened iron-nickel base superalloy

Main uses: aero-engine components, structural components of gas turbine combustion chambers, turbine engine combustion chamber components and afterburner components

Main features: In addition to containing a large amount of chromium, a small amount of tungsten, molybdenum, aluminum and titanium are used to strengthen the solid solution. The alloy has moderate thermal strength and high plasticity. Good thermal fatigue, microstructure stability and welding process performance

Forms of supply: Bars, plates, strips, tubes

Chemical composition


Mechanical properties

Type Temperature 800℃
ᵟb /MPa ᵟ5 /% Φ/% ᵟb /Mpa ᵟ5 /% Φ/%
Rod 620 40 45 245 40 50

Hot rolled sheet

635 40 50 245 40 50

Cold rolled sheet

635 40 225 40 50
Pipe 590 35