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Aluminum pellets / Al pellets $ 80.00

Ultra high purity MBE grade 6N (99.9999%) aluminum particles, The price is for reference only, please contact customer service for quotation.

element : Al     

purity : 5N     

shape : Pellets     

weight : 100g      500g      1Kg     

Package : Three-layer vacuum packaging or argon gas protection, in line with IATA, DOT packaging specification     

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Product details

Market reference price: $80/ Kg, The price is for reference only, please contact customer service for quotation.

High-purity aluminum particles are silver in appearance, density 2700g/cm3, resistivity 2.6548 microhm-cm @ 0 °C, electronegativity 1.5 Paulings, heat of fusion 2.55 Cal/gm mole, tensile strength 6800 psi Coldroled 16,000 psi, thermal conductivity 2.37 W/cm/ K @ 298.2 K, thermal expansion (25 °C) 23.1 µm m-1 K-1, Vickers hardness 167 MPa, Young's hardness 70 GPa,

High-purity aluminum particles are also known as aluminum pellets and aluminum sand. Aluminum particles are produced by ultra-high purification processes such as crystallization and solid state, such as sublimation. Bright appearance, cylindrical shape, applied to the surface of aluminum, zinc or thin-walled workpieces. Xinkang New Materials provides customized compositions for commercial and research applications and new patented technologies.

Main chemical composition:

AI≈99.5% Si<0.2% Cn<0.04% Zn<0.04%
Specific weight: 2.7 g/cm3
Hardness: 65-125Hv
Gauge: φ0.6mm-φ2.0mm

It is widely used in surface finishing of aluminum castings and copper and zinc castings, sandblasting of various metal surfaces, deburring and burr of casting workpieces, sandblasting of blade surfaces, and casting surfaces. It can make your product smooth, clean, shiny, and achieve the effect of whitening. At the same time, aluminum particles can be used in combination with stainless steel sand and stainless steel pellets to achieve a whiter and brighter effect on the surface of the workpiece. Aluminum particles, LED semiconductors, and evaporation coatings are used more, and the purity requirements are also relatively high.