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About Us

The gathering scientific research materials service platform is a professional one-stop service platform for scientific research materials under Changsha Xinkang Advanced materials Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Changsha Xinkang). It focuses on providing high-quality scientific research products and technical services for universities, research institutes and enterprise scientific research laboratories, and strives to become a pioneer in the processing and customization of scientific research materials and a reformer in the field of scientific research materials services. At present, the platform products and services cover: experimental reagents and consumables in various scientific research fields, high-purity materials, wafer substrates, sputtering targets, electron microscope consumables, material purification, alloy melting, material shaping processing, material heat treatment, analysis and testing, sample processing and film plating services.

We have close and stable cooperation with well-known universities, research institutions, laboratories and innovative enterprises at home and abroad in material R & D and application. Through independent R & D, production and manufacturing, integrated packaging and scientific research services, we provide services for laboratories in the fields of semiconductors, microelectronics, material science, condensed matter physics, optics, optoelectronics, nanotechnology, new electric energy and biotechnology The company and scientific research personnel provide comprehensive services in all aspects, covering the customer's R & D process preparation, pilot test, later R & D, production quality control and other stages, and provide "one-stop" competitive scientific research products and R & D services. We will provide the R & D engineers with comprehensive R & D resources and materials according to the needs of customers; Changsha Xinkang, the builder of scientific research material service platform, is a national high-tech enterprise focusing on material R & D and cutting-edge manufacturing. It is engaged in the R & D, production and manufacturing of high-purity sputtering targets and evaporation coating materials in advanced manufacturing fields such as semiconductor chips, photovoltaic solar energy, touch screen, electric new energy and so on. The company has developed and cultivated in the field of materials for decades, and deeply understands that the future development prospect of the new material industry is broad. With the development of science and technology, the application field of new materials will increase day by day. Focusing on the needs of customers and the market, Changsha Xinkang has expanded and formed six product production lines including coating materials, rare earth products, powder products, precision processing, laboratory testing and scientific research material services. Through its e-commerce service platform - convergence platform, it provides customers with a full range of product types, high-quality product quality control, timely delivery cycle and professional after-sales service, and strives to become a comprehensive, accurate An efficient scientific research service platform provides more efficient and easier scientific research services for laboratories, research institutions and innovative enterprises. The brand core value of the platform is to gather material technology and create an infinite future.

Our culture

Our culture

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Maintain company brand value; Respect the personal value of employees

Enterprise Purpose

Customer first, Reputation first

Brand Core value

Gather materials technology to create an infinite future

Service Philosophy

Integrity; Mutual Benefit Harmonious Development

Company Mission

Open up new values and let more people live a better life

Company Vision

Become a leading international scientific research material supply platform

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