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Xin Kang Factory Overview

The gathering scientific research materials service platform has various professional scientific research equipment and testing instruments to provide professional technical support and customized services for customers who need scientific research materials. The platform equipment has strong technical strength, rich R & D resources and a high-level technical R & D team. For example, the high-end semiconductor sputtering coating target product technology belongs to independent research and development, and has its own core intellectual property protection. Although it has not been established for a long time, we have obtained many patents and certificates for related technologies and applications. The honor is a determination to make efforts in the past and an encouragement and encouragement for the future. In the future, we are confident to become the market leader and pioneer in scientific research materials, products and services. We are willing to grow together with our customers as solid partners and provide better help and suggestions for customers in technology, so as to help customers stand out in the fierce competitive market. The following is the introduction of some of our main production equipment and production process flow.

Platform R & D equipment includes: forming equipment (30kg vacuum induction melting furnace, 100kg vacuum induction melting furnace, 15kg vacuum suspension melting furnace, 25kg vacuum arc melting furnace, 30kg vacuum electron beam melting furnace, etc.)Molding equipment (1500 protective atmosphere heating furnace, 1200 resistance heating furnace, 315T oil press, 850kg forging mill, 450 hot rolling mill, 600 cold rolling mill, 150 finishing mill, 200 finishing mill, etc.)Powder equipment (1600 high temperature hot pressing sintering furnace, powder mixer, ball mill, powder profiler, vacuum extraction dryer, ultra-fine powder grinder, etc.) processing equipment (CNC lathe, CNC milling machine, machining center, gantry milling machine, CNC water cutting, laser cutting machine, sawing machine, wire cutting, grinder, lathe, milling machine, sand blasting machine, ultrasonic cleaning equipment, etc.)Testing equipment (XRF, SEM, metallographic microscope, ICP-OES, resistance tester, density tester, laser particle size tester, mechanical tester, hardness tester, etc.)