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Zirconia Ceramic Material
Zirconia Ceramic Material

Zirconia Ceramic Material

Material Symbol Forms Purity Size RFQ
alumina Al2O3 Various >99% Various Detail /Inquiry
Zirconia Various >99% Various Detail /Inquiry
Silicon nitride Various >99% Various Detail /Inquiry
Aluminum nitride Various >99% Various Detail /Inquiry
Zirconia ceramics is another high-performance ceramic raw material, which is white, yellow or gray when it contains impurities, and generally contains HfO2, which is not easy to separate. There are three crystal states of pure ZrO2 under normal pressure. The production of zirconia ceramics requires the preparation of powders with high purity, good dispersibility, ultrafine particles and narrow particle size distribution. The use of zirconia exceeds that of alumina because its toughness makes it more resistant to cracking, and the particles of zirconia are smaller, which makes the surface of products made of it more rounded and makes it suitable for making knives , pistons, bearing products, and even gorgeous jewelry products. Ultra-fine zirconia can be used in the production of watches. After the powder is pressed and formed, it is sintered at a temperature of 1450 degrees Celsius, and then polished with diamond sand to make the surface brighter and more metallic. At the same time, zirconia ceramics are also perfect ceramic raw materials for making cutting knives and kitchen knives.