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Custom Metal Zinc (Zn) Materials

Material TypeZinc
Atomic Weight65.38
Atomic Number30
Color/AppearanceBluish Pale Gray Metallic
Thermal Conductivity116W/m.K
Melting Point(°C)420
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion30.2x 10-6/K
Theoretical Density (g/cc)7.14


Zinc (Zn) General Information:

Zinc, element symbol Zn, atomic number 30 in the periodic table, density 7.14g/cm³, melting point 419.5℃, boiling point 906℃, zinc is a light gray transition metal, which is brittle at room temperature; 100~150℃ When the temperature exceeds 200℃, it becomes soft; after exceeding 200℃, it becomes brittle again. Zinc will form a thin and dense basic zinc carbonate film on its surface at room temperature, which can prevent further oxidation. When the temperature reaches 225°C, zinc will oxidize violently. At the same time, zinc is also a common non-ferrous metal that can be made into alloys with a variety of non-ferrous metals, the most important of which are brass composed of copper, tin, lead, etc., and die-cast alloys with aluminum, magnesium, copper, etc.



Zinc WireФ0.01-4mm99.9%-99.999%
Zinc BarФ5-200mm99.9%-99.999%
Zinc RodФ5-200mm99.9%-99.999%
Zinc Plate≥2mm99.9%-99.999%
Zinc Sheet≥2mm99.9%-99.999%
Zinc TubeOD20-160mm.Thick2-20mm99.9%-99.999%
Zinc PipeOD20-160mm.Thick2-20mm99.9%-99.999%
Zinc Foil0.01-2mm99.9%-99.999%
Zinc Ingot1kg, Or Customize99.9%-99.999%
Zinc Lump1kg, Or Customize99.9%-99.999%
Zinc PelletsФ1-50mm99.9%-99.999%
Zinc TargetCustomize99.9%-99.999%
Zinc CubeCustomize99.9%-99.999%
Customized ZincCustomize99.9%-99.999%

Zinc target is a material used for thin film deposition, often in techniques such as physical vapor deposition (PVD). Zinc targets have good chemical anti-corrosion properties and electrical properties, and can be used for thin film preparation in industries such as optoelectronic devices, solar cells and display devices.

Zinc and its alloys are mainly used in the fields of steel, metallurgy, machinery, electrical, chemical industry, light industry, military and medicine.

Zinc(Zn) Metal Element Overview:

We smelts any of the metals and most other advanced materials into rod, bar or plate form, or customer provide drawing produce.

We sell these different shapeZincemetal materials by unit weight or piece for different use in research area and for new proprietary technologies.

For example:Zinc Wire,ZincBar,ZincRod,ZincPlate,ZincSheet,ZincTube,ZincPipe,ZincFoil,ZincIngot,ZincLump,ZincPellets,ZincTarget,ZincCube. Other shapes are available by request.