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Two Dimensional Materials

Two Dimensional Materials

Attributes NameTwo-dimensional Materials
Product NameNanofilm, superlattice, quantum well
Element SymbolTMD, MoS2, C
Purity2N, 3N, 4N

Physical and chemical properties

Two-dimensional materials refer to materials that are only two atoms thick, such as graphene, transition metal dichalcogenides (TMD), etc. These materials have many unique properties, such as good electrical conductivity, efficient photoelectric conversion capabilities, and strong mechanical strength, and therefore are widely used in electronics, optics, biology, and machinery. In the field of electronics, two-dimensional materials can be used to manufacture high-performance field-effect transistors, integrated circuits, transparent electrodes, etc.

NameCategoryMaterialElement Symbol
Two Dimensional MaterialsSemiconductor CategoryMolybdenum ditelluride2H-MoTe2
Hafnium disulfideHfS2
Rhenium disulfideReS2
Molybdenum disulfideMoS2
Tungsten disulfide2H-WS2
Zirconium diselenideZrSe2
Hafnium diselenideHfSe2
Rhenium diselenideReSe2
Molybdenum diselenide2H-MoSe2
Tungsten DiselenideWSe2
Tin diselenideSnSe2
Gallium sulfideGaS
Tin sulfide2H-SnS2
Germanium sulfideGeS
Antimony tritellurideSb2Te3
Bismuth trisulfideBi2S3
Indium selenideIn2Se3
Zirconium selenideZrSe3
Gallium SelenideGaSe
Germanium SelenideGeSe
Gallium TellurideGaTe
Chromium tribromideCrBr3
Indium Selenide InSeInSe
Metal CategoryTantalum disulfide2H-TaS2
Niobium disulfide3R-NbS2
Platinum ditelluridePtTe2
Tantalum ditellurideTaTe2
Vanadium diselenide1T-VSe2
Tantalum diselenide2H-TaSe2
Flake graphiteC
Gold selenideAuSe-alpha
Semi-Metal CategoryMolybdenum ditelluride1T' MoTe2
Zirconium PentatellurideZrTe5
Hafnium ditellurideHfTe2
Titanium ditellurideTiTe2
Titanium disulfide1T-TiS2
Platinum diselenidePtSe2
Titanium diselenideTiSe2
Zirconium ditellurideZrTe2
Zirconium tritellurideZrTe3
Superconductor CategoryIron tellurideFeTe
Bismuth strontium calcium copper oxideBSCCO
Tantalum disulfide2H-TaS2
Niobium disulfide2H-NbS2
Palladium ditelluridePdTe2
Niobium diselenide2H-NbSe2
Tantalum diselenide2H-TaSe2
Ferrous selenideFeSe
InsulationChromium TellurideCr2Si2Te6
Arsenic tritellurideAs2Te3-alpha
Antimony triselenideSb2Se3
Bismuth tritellurideBi2Te3
Bismuth selenideBi2Se3
Vanadium diiodideVI2
Weyl semimetalsTungsten ditellurideWTe2
Bismuth Manganese YtterbiumYbMnBi2
Tellurium iridium niobiumNbIrTe4
Tellurium iridium tantalumTaIrTe4
Others Categoryiron germanium telluriumFe3GeTe2
Tungsten molybdenum selenideMoxW1-xSe
Selenium molybdenum sulfideMoSxSe2-x
Bismuth oxyseleniumBi2O2Se
Manganese bismuth telluriumMnBi2Te4
Vanadium telluride1T-VTe2
Manganese tellurideMnTe
Manganese diiodideMnI2
Nickel DiiodideNiI2
Niobium ArsenideNbAs2
Niobium diantimonideNbSb2
Manganese silicideMnSi
Molybdenum phosphideMoP
Ruthenium trichlorideRuCl3
Niobium selenideNbSe3
Manganese tinMn3Sn