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Two Dimensional Materials
Two Dimensional Materials

Two Dimensional Materials

The vast amount of available data and high-performance device demonstrations leave no doubt about the potential of two-dimensional materials in electronics, optoelectronics, and sensing.The appearance of two-dimensional materials provides a new way to break through the limitations of traditional semiconductor devices in performance, and a new way to realize various functional applications.The following is a list of two-dimensional materials, including insulators, semiconductors, semi-metals, metals and superconductors, which are hot topics in condensed matter physics and materials science.Please contact someone.


Name Category Material Element Symbol
Two Dimensional Materials Semiconductor Molybdenum telluride 2H-MoTe2
Hafnium Disulfide HfS2
Rhenium disulfide ReS2
Molybdenum disulfide MoS2
Tungsten disulfide 2H-WS2
Zirconium diselenide ZrSe2
Hafnium Diselenide HfSe2
Rhenium Diselenide ReSe2
Molybdenum diselenide 2H-MoSe2
Tungsten diselenide WSe2
Tin diselenide SnSe2
Gallium Sulfide GaS
Tin sulfide 2H-SnS2
Germanium Sulfide GeS
Diantimony trisulfide Sb2Te3
Bismuth trisulfide Bi2S3
Indium triselenide In2Se3
Zirconium triselenide ZrSe3
Gallium Selenide GaSe
Germanium Selenide GeSe
Gallium telluride GaTe
Chromium tribromide CrBr3
Indium Selenide InSe