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Custom Metal Thulium (Tm) Materials

Material TypeThulium
Atomic Weight168.93
Atomic Number69
Color/AppearanceSilvery White, Metallic
Melting point(°C)1545
Boiling point(°C)1647

Thulium (Tm) General Information:

Thulium, whose element symbol is Tm, is a silver-white metal that is ductile, soft and can be cut with a knife; its melting point is 1545°C, its boiling point is 1947°C, and its density is 9.3208. Thulium is relatively stable in the air; thulium oxide is light green crystal. The element thulium has an atomic number of 69 and an atomic weight of 168.93421. It is the element with the least content among rare earth elements. It mainly exists in xenotime and black rare gold minerals. The natural stable isotope is only thulium 169. It is widely used in fields such as high-intensity power generation light sources, lasers, and high-temperature superconductors.


Thulium LumpCustomize99.9%-99.95%
Thulium Cube10mm, Or Customize99.9%-99.95%

High intensity discharge light source

Holmium-chromium-thulium-triple-doped yttrium aluminum garnet (Ho:Cr:Tm:YAG) is a high-efficiency active laser dielectric material. It can emit laser light with a wavelength of 2097 nm and is widely used in military, medicine and meteorology.

Portable X-ray equipment containing thulium has been widely used as a radiation source in nuclear reactions. It can be used as a tool for medical and dental diagnostics, as well as for defect detection in mechanical and electronic components that are difficult to reach. Thulium is also used in high-temperature superconductors.

Thulium (Tm) Metal Element Overview:

We smelts any of the metals and most other advanced materials into rod, bar or plate form, or customer provide drawing produce.

We sell these different shape tin metal materials by unit weight or piece for different use in research area and for new proprietary technologies.

For example: Thulium lump, thulium cube.Other shapes are available by request.

Thulium CubeThulium Cube
Thulium LumpThulium Lump