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Telluride Series

Telluride Series

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Zinc Telluride Lump (ZnTe Lump)

High purity 4N (99.99%) Zinc telluride lump / ZnTe lump, The price is for reference only, please contact customer service for quotation!!!

Element:Silicide Series
Purity:3N 4N 5N
Package:Vacuum packaging, carton, wooden box
Specification:Various specifications and sizes can be processed and customized according to customer requirements

Physical and chemical properties

Zinc telluride is a II-VI group compound with the chemical formula ZnTe. Melting point: 1238.5℃. Relative molecular mass: 193.988.CAS registration number: 1315-11-3. Density: 6.34g/cm3.

In a hydrogen atmosphere, tellurium and zinc are heated together, and then sublimated to produce reddish-brown zinc telluride. Because of its wide band gap, zinc telluride is often used to make semiconductor materials.


The main uses of zinc telluride are similar to those of zinc selenide, which can be used as semiconductor and infrared materials, and have the characteristics of light conduction and fluorescence.

Zinc telluride crystal has good electro-optic effect under the action of near-infrared (~800 nm) ultra-short pulse and mature preparation process. It is a commonly used optical rectification THz radiation source and detection material. Modulators and other optoelectronic devices also have applications.

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