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Magnetron sputtering coating is a new physical vapor coating method. It uses the ions generated by the ion source to accelerate the aggregation in vacuum to form a high speed energy ion beam, which bombards the solid surface. The ions exchange kinetic energy with the atoms on the solid surface to make the atoms on the solid surface leave the solid and deposit on the substrate surface. The bombarded solid is the raw material for preparing the sputtering deposition film, which is called the sputtering target. In short, an electron gun system is used to emit and focus electrons on the consumed material, causing the sputtered atoms to follow the momentum conversion principle and detach from the material with high kinetic energy to fly towards the substrate and deposit into a film. This consumed material is called a sputtering target material. As a relatively mature technology that has been developed, Magnetron sputtering has been applied in many fields. Compared with the evaporation coating method, it has quite obvious advantages in many aspects. Various types of sputtering targets have been widely used in semiconductor integrated circuits, solar photovoltaic, recording media, planar displays and workpiece surface coatings.

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Product Characteristics

Sputtering target is mainly composed of target blank, back plate and other parts, target blank is the target material bombarded by high speed ion beam, and belongs to the core part of sputtering target, in the process of sputtering coating, target blank is hit by ions, its surface atoms are sputtered out and deposited on the substrate to make electronic thin film; because of the low strength of high purity metal, and sputtering target needs to be installed in a special machine to complete the sputtering process, the inside of the machine is a high voltage, high vacuum environment. Therefore, the sputtering target blanks of ultra-high purity metals need to be joined with the backplane through different welding processes, and the backplane plays the role of mainly fixing the sputtering target and needs to have good conductivity and thermal conductivity.

There are many types of sputtering targets, even the same material sputtering targets have different specifications. According to different classification methods, sputtering targets can be divided into different categories, and the main classifications are as follows:

Classification by shape

Long target

Square target

Round target, tube target

Classification by chemical composition

Metal target

Alloy target

Ceramic Compound Targets

Classification by application field

Semiconductor chip targets, flat panel display targets, solar cell targets, information storage targets, tool modification targets, electronic device targets, colour decoration targets, etc.

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