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Selenide Series

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Gallium Selenide Lump (Ga2Se3 Lump)

High purity 3N (99.9%) Gallium selenide lump / Ga2Se3 lump, The price is for reference only, please contact customer service for quotation!!!

Package:Vacuum packaging, carton, wooden box
Specifications:various specifications and sizes can be processed and customized according to customer requirements.

Physical and chemical properties

Gallium selenide is a selenide of gallium. Gallium selenide can be formed by the direct reaction of gallium and selenium at high temperature.

Gallium Selenide is a black solid. It is of sphalerite structure, space group F43m (No. 216).

Gallium selenide has two structures. Alpha-gallium selenide is stable at low temperature and has a sphalerite structure, while β-gallium selenide has a wurtzite structure. Their transition temperature is between 550 °C and 600 °C.


It is an inorganic chemical. It is mostly used in industrial preparation, chemical research and experimental research.

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