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Custom Metal Potassium (K) Materials


Potassium (K) General Information:

Potassium is a silvery-white cubic structure metal, and its physical and chemical properties are very similar to sodium. Potassium is soft and light and can be cut with a knife, and the new cut surface has a silvery-white sheen. The density of potassium is 0.862g/cm3 (293K), melting point 336K (63 °C), boiling point 1032K (759 °C). Potassium is a good conductor of heat and electricity, with good magnetic conductivity, the mass fraction of 77.2% potassium and 22.8% sodium formed potassium-sodium alloy melting point is only 12 °C, is a nuclear reactor heat conductivity. Potassium elements also have good ductility, low hardness, soluble in mercury and liquid ammonia, soluble in liquid ammonia to form a blue solution.