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Custom Metal Phosphorus (P) Materials

Material TypePhosphorus
Atomic Weight30.97
Atomic Number15
Color/AppearanceBlack, red, yellow,white etc
Melting Point (°C)44-590
Boiling Point (°C)280
Theoretical Density (g/cc)1.82-2.7

Phosphorus (P) General Information:

Phosphorus, symbol P. Black phosphorus (metallic phosphorus) . A black metallic crystal that is least reactive in allotrope of phosphorus and does not ignite in air. Chemically similar to graphite, it can conduct electricity. There are several allotropy of phosphorus. White phosphorus or yellow phosphorus is a colorless or yellowish transparent crystalline solid. The density is 1.82 g/cm3. The melting point is 44.1 ° C, the boiling point is 280 ° C, and the ignition point is 40 ° C. Placed in the dark with phosphorescent emission. White phosphorus is almost insoluble in water and easily soluble in carbon disulfide solvents. When heated at high pressure, it turns to black phosphorus, which has a density of 2.70 g/cm3 and is slightly metallic. The ionization energy is 10.486 ev. Generally insoluble in ordinary solvents. White phosphorus can be converted to red phosphorus by exposure to light or by heat in isolation at 250 ° C for several hours or by exposure to light. Red phosphorus is a reddish-brown powder, nontoxic, with a density of 2.34 g/cm3, a melting point of 590 ° C (at 43 ATM, the melting point is 590 ° C, the sublimation temperature is 416 ° C) , a boiling point of 280 ° C, and an ignition point of 240 ° C. Insoluble in water.


Phosphorus LumpCustomize99.9%-99.99%
Phosphorus CrystalCustomize99.9%-99.99%
Yellow PhosphorusCustomize99.9%-99.99%

Phosphorus has important effects on human and plants. It is widely found in plant and animal tissues and binds to proteins and fats to form nucleoproteins, phosphatidylcholine and phospholipids, there are also small amounts of other organic and inorganic phosphorus compounds. Colleagues of phosphorus flammable, in the military for the manufacture of shells, flares, etc. , have an important role.

Phosphorus (P) Metal Element Overview:

We smelts any of the metals and most other advanced materials into rod, bar or plate form, or customer provide drawing produce.

We sell these different shape tin metal materials by unit weight or piece for different use in research area and for new proprietary technologies.

For example: Phosphorus Lump, Phosphorus Crystal, Yellow Phosphorus. Other shapes are available by request.

Phosphorus CrystalPhosphorus Crystal
Phosphorus LumpPhosphorus Lump
Yellow PhosphorusYellow Phosphorus