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Electronic packaging materials are used to carry electronic components and their interconnections, provide mechanical support, seal environmental protection, dissipate heat from electronic components, etc., and have good electrical insulation. It is the sealing body of integrated circuits. Electronic packaging materials are used to carry electronic components and their connecting lines, and have good electrical insulation. The base material plays the role of mechanical support, sealing environment protection, signal transmission, heat dissipation and shielding.

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Common packaging shell materials are plastic, metal, ceramic. Plastic encapsulation shell is mainly based on epoxy resin, but due to the high coefficient of thermal expansion of epoxy resin and poor thermal conductivity, often using silica as a filler to reduce its coefficient of thermal expansion and improve thermal conductivity. At present, the plastic package is still the main form of packaging, but in the thermal conductivity and reliability requirements of higher occasions, the use of ceramic packages, in some special areas will also be used in metal packages.

For example, some military modules will use ceramic packaging, infrared detector chips will use metal packaging. The future of metal-based packaging materials will be towards high-performance, low-cost, low-density and integrated direction of development. Lightweight, high thermal conductivity and CTE-matched Si/Al, SiC/Al alloys will have good prospects.

With the microelectronics packaging technology towards multi-chip components (MCM) and surface mount technology (SET) development, the traditional packaging materials have not been able to meet the requirements of high-density packaging, the development of new composite materials must be electronic packaging materials will be multi-phase composite direction. The following is a comparison of the performance of commonly used metal-based packaging materials:

Common packaging shell materials include plastic, metal, and ceramics. The plastic packaging shell is mainly made of epoxy resin, but due to the high thermal expansion coefficient and poor thermal conductivity of epoxy resin, silicon dioxide is often used as a filler to reduce its thermal expansion coefficient and improve thermal conductivity. At present, plastic packaging is still the main packaging form, but ceramic packaging will be used in occasions with high heat conduction and reliability requirements, and metal packaging will also be used in some special fields.

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