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Zinc Oxide Pellets (ZnO Pellets)


Physical and chemical properties:

Appearance and properties: white powder or hexagonal crystal. Odorless, tasteless, no sand. It turns yellow when heated, and turns white again after cooling, and sublimates when heated to 1800°C.

The hiding power is half that of titanium dioxide and zinc sulfide. The tinting strength is twice that of basic lead carbonate.

Solubility: soluble in acid, concentrated alkali hydroxide, ammonia water and ammonium salt solution, insoluble in water and ethanol. Zinc oxide is a well-known white pigment, commonly known as zinc white.

Application :

1. Mainly used in rubber or cable industry as reinforcing agent and active agent, also as colorant and filler for white glue, as vulcanizing agent in neoprene, etc.

2. In the fertilizer industry, the raw gas is used for fine desulfurization

3. Mainly used as white pigment, rubber vulcanization activator, organic synthesis catalyst, desulfurizer, for electrostatic copying, pharmaceuticals, etc.

4. It is used for desulfurization of synthetic ammonia, petroleum and natural gas chemical raw materials

5. Used as a matrix for analytical reagents, reference reagents, fluorescent agents and photosensitive materials

6. It is used for electrostatic wet copying, dry transfer printing, laser fax communication, electrostatic recording of electronic computers and electrostatic plate making files

7. Used in the plastic industry, sunscreen cosmetics products, special ceramic products, special functional coatings and textile hygiene processing, etc.

8. It is widely used in the deep desulfurization and purification process of industrial raw material gas and oil such as synthetic ammonia, methanol and hydrogen production.

9. Used as astringent medicine, used to make ointment or plaster

10. It is used as a white pigment for printing and dyeing, papermaking, matches and pharmaceutical industries.

Oxide Series

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