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Germanium Dioxide Pellets (GeO2 Pellets)


Physical and chemical properties

Melting point: 1115℃ . Molecular weight: 104.6388 . CAS No.: 1310-53-8. Density: 6.239g/cm3 A kind of dioxide with the same electronic formula as carbon dioxide. Properties: Colorless crystal, there are two kinds of hexagonal crystal system which is slightly soluble in water (stable at low temperature) and insoluble tetragonal crystal system. The transition temperature is 1033℃.


It is used for making metal germanium, and also used for spectroscopic analysis and semiconductor materials. Dry germanium oxide is not irritating to the skin, but it has an irritating effect on the conjunctiva.

Germanium has semiconductor properties. More than important role in the development of solid state physics and solid state electronics.

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