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NS Alloy

NS Alloy

Corrosion -resistant alloys are metal designed to resist the degradation of degradation caused by oxidation or other chemical reactions. The most common corrosion -resistant material for mild to moderate corrosion resistance is stainless steel. Metal corrosion materials, relatively non-metallic corrosion-resistant materials, metal corrosive materials mainly include iron-based alloy (corrosion-resistant stainless steel); nickel alloys (NI-CR alloys, NI-CR-MO alloys, NI-CU alloys, etc. ); Active metal.


The domestic brand of corrosion -resistant alloy includes: NS111, NS111, NS113, NS131, NS141, NS142,

NS143, NS311, NS314, NS315, NS321, NS322, NS331, NS332,

NS333, NS334, NS335, NS336, NS334, NS341, NS411, etc.

The corrosion-resistant alloy number also includes: Incoloy800/800h; Incoloy825; Inconel600/690/625; Hastelloyb/B2/C/C-4, etc.