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Nitride Series

Nitride Series

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Nitride Series

High purity nitride series crystal / pellets.The price is for reference only, please contact customer service for quotation!!!

Element:Nitride Series
Purity:3N 4N
Shape:Crystal /Pellets
Package:Vacuum packaging, carton, wooden box
Specifications:various specifications and sizes can be processed and customized according to customer requirements

Physical and chemical properties

Nitride, nitride is a type of nitrogen compound, in which nitrogen has a -3 valence, including metal nitrides, non-metal nitrides and ammonia (NH3, nitrogen has a negative trivalent value). It is customary to regard ammonia as a special substance, not Included in nitrides.

Metal nitrides have high thermal stability and can be used as high-temperature insulating materials. Non-metal nitrides also have relatively high thermal stability and each has special properties. Hexagonal boron nitride is an excellent lubricant; cubic boron nitride has high hardness and can be used to make turning tools, drill bits, etc.


Can be used to make turning tools, drill bits, etc.

Can be used as Excellent lubricants, cutting materials, etc.

Lubricants: hexagonal boron nitride-BN

Cutting materials : silicon nitride-Si3N4

Insulators: boron nitride-BN, silicon nitride-Si3N4

Semiconductors : Gallium Nitride-GaN

Metal coating: such as titanium nitride-TiN

Hydrogen storage materials: lithium nitride-Li3N

Nitride Series
Aluminum Nitride(AlN)Hafnium Nitrie  (HfN)Silicon Nitride(Si3N4)Titanium Nitride(TiN)Zirconium Nitride(ZrN)
Boron Nitride(BN)Lithium Fluoride(LiF)Tantalum Nitride(TaN)Vanadium Nitride(VN)Magnesium Nitride(Mg3N2)
Lithium Nitride(Li3N)Gallium Nitride(GaN)Phosphorus Pentanitride(P3N5)