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Custom Metal Niobium (Nb) Materials

Material TypeNiobium
Atomic Weight92.90638
Atomic Number41
Color/AppearanceGray, Metallic
Thermal Conductivity54 W/m.K
Melting Point (°C)2468
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion7.3 x 10-6/K
Theoretical Density (g/cc)8.57

Niobium (Nb) General Information:

Niobium, element symbol: Nh, Atomic Number 41, is a VB group metal. Density of 8.57 g/cm' , a melting point of 2477 ° C and a boiling point of 4744 ° C.

Niobium is a silver-gray, soft and ductile rare high-melting-point metal. Does not react with air at room temperature and is not completely oxidized when red-hot in oxygen.

Niobium can be directly combined with sulfur, nitrogen and carbon at high temperature.Does not react with inorganic acids or bases, nor does it fall in aqua regia,

but is soluble in hydrofluoric acid. The content of niobium in the crust is 20ppa,

and the distribution of niobium resources is relatively concentrated.

Niobium is widely used in steel Superconductor classification, aerospace and atomic energy because of its good superconductivity, high melting point

corrosion resistance and wear resistance.



Niobium WireФ0.01-4mm99.7%-99.95%
Niobium BarФ5-200mm99.7%-99.95%
Niobium RodФ5-200mm99.7%-99.95%
Niobium Plate≥2mm99.7%-99.95%
Niobium Sheet≥2mm99.7%-99.95%
Niobium TubeOD20-160mm.Thick2-20mm99.7%-99.95%
Niobium PipeOD20-160mm.Thick2-20mm99.7%-99.95%
Niobium Foil0.01-2mm99.7%-99.95%
Niobium Ingot1kg, Or Customize99.7%-99.95%
Niobium Lump1kg, Or Customize99.7%-99.95%
Niobium PelletsФ1-50mm99.9%-99.95%
Niobium CrucibleCustomize99.7%-99.95%
Niobium TargetCustomize99.7%-99.95%
Niobium CubeCustomize99.7%-99.95%
Niobium StripCustomize99.7%-99.95%
Niobium RingCustomize99.7%-99.95%
Customized NiobiumCustomize99.7%-99.95%

Niobium (Nb) Metal Element Overview:

We smelts any of the metals and most other advanced materials into rod, bar or plate form, or customer provide drawing produce.

We sell these different shape tin metal materials by unit weight or piece for different use in research area and for new proprietary technologies.

For example: Niobium sputtering target, niobium pellets, alloy niobium, niobium plate, niobium sheet, niobium ingot, niobium lump, niobium tube, niobium pipe,

niobium bar, niobium rod, niobium foil. Other shapes are available by request.

Niobium BarNiobium Bar
Niobium CrucibleNiobium Crucible
Niobium CubeNiobium Cube
Niobium Customized ItemNiobium Customized Item
Niobium FoilNiobium Foil
Niobium IngotNiobium Ingot
Niobium LumpNiobium Lump
Niobium Machining partsNiobium Machining parts
Niobium PelletsNiobium Pellets
Niobium PipeNiobium Pipe
Niobium PlateNiobium Plate
Niobium RingNiobium Ring
Niobium StripNiobium Strip
Niobium TargetNiobium Target
Niobium WireNiobium Wire