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Tellurium Sputtering Targets (Te)

SizeAs Request
PackagingVacuum (standard export packing)
ApplicationsSemiconductors, thermoelectric devices and photovoltaic cells.

Tellurium Sputtering Targets (Te) Information

Tellurium, element symbol Te. Molecular weight 127.6; Melting point 452 ℃;Boiling point 1390 ℃. Insoluble in water, Density 6.25×10³kg/m³, Appearance silver-white solid. Among the two allotropes of tellurium, one is crystalline tellurium, which has metallic luster, silvery white, and brittle properties, and is similar to antimony; the other is an amorphous powder that is dark gray. Medium density, low melting and boiling points. It is a non-metallic element, but it has very good heat transfer and electrical conductivity capabilities.

Material TypeTellurium
Symbol Te
Atomic Weight 127.6
Atomic Number 52
Color/Appearance Silvery Lustrous Gray, Semi-Metallic
Thermal Conductivity 3 W/m.K
Melting Point (°C) 449
Theoretical Density (g/cc) 6.25
Z Ratio 0.9
Sputter RF
Type of Bond Indium, Elastomer
UN Number 3284
Comments Wets without alloying. Not recommended for sputtering.

Our tellurium target is up to 99.999% and is annealed by sintering process. Low gas content and uniform particle size distribution.

Tellurium sputtering targets have attracted much attention due to their high conductivity and are widely used in the production of semiconductors, thermoelectric devices and photovoltaic cells. These targets can be used to deposit high-quality films that exhibit enhanced electrical conductivity and excellent thermal stability.

High-purity tellurium is made from tellurium powder as raw material and extracted and refined with sodium polysulfide, with a purity of 99.999%. It is used as additive for semiconductor devices, alloys, chemical raw materials, cast iron, rubber, glass and other industries.

We sell these different shape tellurium metal materials by unit weight or piece for different use in research area and for new proprietary technologies.Actual prices can vary and may be higher or lower, as determined by availability and market fluctuations. To speak to someone directly about current pricing, please click inquiry.