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Germanium Sputtering Targets (Ge)

SizeAs Request
PackagingVacuum (standard export packing)
Applicationsoptical storage media and optical coatings,Optical devices, lasers, fiber optic communications, solar cells

Germanium Sputtering Targets (Ge) Information

Germanium, element symbol Ge, atomic number 32, atomic weight 72.64, elemental germanium is a gray-white metalloid, shiny and hard, belonging to the carbon family. Its chemical properties are similar to those of tin and silicon in the same family. It is insoluble in water and has a density of 5.35g. /cm3, melting point is 937°C. Germanium is an excellent semiconductor commonly used in the manufacture of transistors and integrated circuits.

Material TypeGermanium
Symbol Ge (N-type) Monocrystalline, polycrystalline
Atomic Weight 72.63
Atomic Number 32
Color/Appearance Grayish White, Semi-Metallic
Thermal Conductivity 60 W/m.K
Melting Point (°C) 937
Bulk Resistivity 5-40 ohm-cm
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion 6 x 10-6/K
Theoretical Density (g/cc) 5.32
Dopant Antimony
Z Ratio 0.516
E-Beam Excellent
Thermal Evaporation Techniques Boat:W, C, Ta
Crucible:Q, Al2O3
E-Beam Crucible Liner Material Graphite
Comments Excellent films from E-beam.

Our germanium target is up to 99.9999% and is annealed by melting process. Low gas content and uniform particle size distribution.

Germanium target application:Optical coatings: Germanium targets can be used to prepare coatings with specific optical properties, such as anti-reflective coatings, mirror coatings, etc. These coatings have important applications in optical devices, lasers, fiber optic communications and other fields.

Solar cells: Germanium targets are also used in solar cell preparation. Germanium material has a high light absorption coefficient and good photoelectric conversion efficiency, and can be used as the absorption layer material of solar cells.

Germanium target series products

Germanium oxide, germanium nitride, germanium sulfide, germanium selenide, germanium telluride, germanium tellurium alloy, germanium antimony tellurium alloy, germanium selenium antimony alloy, chromium germanium alloy, etc.

We sell these different shape germanium metal materials by unit weight or piece for different use in research area and for new proprietary technologies.Actual prices can vary and may be higher or lower, as determined by availability and market fluctuations. To speak to someone directly about current pricing, please click inquiry.