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Scandium Sputtering Targets (Sc)

SizeAs Request
PackagingVacuum (standard export packing)
ApplicationsGlasses, integrated circuits, new display OLED, 5G communications, electronic components, semiconductors

Scandium Sputtering Targets (Sc) Information

Scandium, element symbol Sc, atomic number 21. Melting point: 1814 K (1541 °C),Boiling point: 3103 K (2830 °C),Density: The element is a soft, silver-white transition metal, often mixed with gadolinium, erbium, etc. Scandium is often used to make special glass and lightweight high-temperature resistant alloys.

Material TypeScandium
Symbol Sc
Atomic Weight 44.955912
Atomic Number 21
Color/Appearance Silvery White Metallic
Thermal Conductivity 16 W/m.K
Melting Point (°C) 1541
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion 10.2 x 10-6/K
Theoretical Density (g/cc) 2.99
Z Ratio 0.91
E-Beam Excellent
Thermal Evaporation Techniques Boat:  W
Crucible:  Al2O3
E-Beam Crucible Liner Material Tungsten, Molybdenum
Temp. (°C) for Given Vap. Press. (Torr) 10-8:  714
10-6:  837
10-4:  1,002
Comments Alloys with Ta.

Our scandium target is up to 99.99% and is annealed bysintering process. Low gas content and uniform particle size distribution.

Rare earth scandium targets are mainly used in the electronics and information industries, such as integrated circuits, information storage, liquid crystal displays, laser memories, electronic control devices, etc., and can also be used in glass coating and other fields

We sell these different shape scandium metal materials by unit weight or piece for different use in research area and for new proprietary technologies.Actual prices can vary and may be higher or lower, as determined by availability and market fluctuations. To speak to someone directly about current pricing, please click inquiry.