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Magnesium Sputtering Targets (Mg)

SizeAs Request
PackagingVacuum(standard export packing)
Applicationsaircraft, engine casings, laptops, cell phones, and cameras, semiconductors, media, optical storage media.

Magnesium Sputtering Targets (Mg) Information

Magnesium, element symbol Mg, is a silver-white light alkaline earth metal with active chemical properties. It can react with acids to generate hydrogen and has certain ductility and heat dissipation properties. Melting point 651 ℃

Boiling point 1107 ℃;Density 1.74 g/cm³;Appearance silvery white metal

Flash point 500 ℃.It is often used as a reducing agent to replace metals such as titanium, zirconium, uranium, and beryllium. Mainly used in the manufacture of light metal alloys, ductile iron, scientific instruments and Grignard reagents. It can also be used to make fireworks, flash powder, magnesium salt, aspirators, flares, etc. It can be used as alloy material for aircraft and missiles.

Material TypeMagnesium
Atomic Weight24.305
Atomic Number12
Color/AppearanceSilvery White, Metallic
Thermal Conductivity160 W/m.K
Melting Point (°C)649
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion8.2 x 10-6/K
Theoretical Density (g/cc)1.74
Z Ratio1.61
Max Power Density50*
(Watts/Square Inch)
Type of BondIndium, Elastomer
Export Control (ECCN)1C228
CommentsExtremely high rates possible.

Our Magnesium target is up to 99.99% and is annealed by melting process. Low gas content and uniform particle size distribution.

Magnesium alloy targets are often used in aircraft, engine casings, laptops, cell phones, and cameras, semiconductors, media, optical storage media, photovoltaic solar energy, integrated circuits etc.

We sell these different shape magnesium metal materials by unit weight or piece for different use in research area and for new proprietary technologies.Actual prices can vary and may be higher or lower, as determined by availability and market fluctuations. To speak to someone directly about current pricing, please click inquiry.