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Metal Elements

Elemental metals are pure substances formed from the same metal elements. In general, the properties of an elemental metal are closely related to the properties of its elements. For example, the metallic properties of many metals are very obvious, so their elemental reducibility is very strong. Substances with positive temperature resistivity are usually defined as metals. There are 90 metal elements in the periodic table of 112 elements. Located at the lower left of the "boron-astatine boundary", there are metal elements in the 5 regions of s-block, p-block, d-block, and f-block, and all transition elements are metal elements. Metals are flexible, mainly characterized by reducibility, glossy surface, good electrical and thermal conductivity, hard quality, and most of them are malleable. Except for mercury (liquid), all other metals are solid at room temperature. Most pure metals are silver-white (gray), only a few are not, such as gold is yellow-red, copper is purple-red. In nature, most metals exist in a compound state, and a few metals such as gold, silver, platinum, and bismuth exist in a free state.

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Metal Element classification

According to the usage habits of scientific researchers and the metals that can be provided for research and utilization, we divide them into 8 categories, with a total of 63 metal elements, as shown in the figure above. You can click on the metal name to enter the page for details.

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