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Master alloy is a metal as a base, one or several pure elements added to it, to solve the metal element easy to burn, high melting point is not easy to melt into, high density easy to segregation and other problems or used to improve the performance of the alloy of special alloys, is a kind of additive functional materials.

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Product features

From the definition of Master Alloy, it can be seen that Master Alloy have the following characteristics:

A metal is used as a base, which is generally greater than or equal to 50 per cent, such as aluminium, copper and iron;

The monomers to be added generally have a tendency to burn out, high melting points, high densities that are prone to segregation, and other problems that make them unsuitable for direct addition;

Master Alloy are additive functional alloy materials, unlike cast aluminium alloys, deformed aluminium alloys, copper alloys and steel, which are used directly in the production of castings.

Compared with the monomers to be added, Master Alloy generally have a lower melting point, faster dissolution rate, more stable yield, and stronger ability to improve the alloy properties, so the Master Alloy can be used for the accurate addition of elements in the alloy production process and compositional adjustments, refinement of grain size, metamorphic treatment, purification, deoxidation and desulfurisation, solution hardening, etc., and have a wide range of applications in aluminium and aluminium alloys, copper alloys, iron and steel and other industries.

Why use master Alloy?

(1) To obtain metallic materials with precise and uniform distribution of chemical composition. If you add elements with less content in the metal material components, you can improve the uniformity of distribution of the added elements in the material. For example, adding vanadium to vanadium-aluminum alloy to smelt Ti-6A1-4V alloy.

(2) add chemically active, low melting point, volatile elements. Such as boron, calcium, magnesium and other Master Alloy. The use of Master Alloy can reduce the burning loss of elements in the addition, to obtain a stable alloy composition and higher element yield.

(3) Add high melting point metals. Such as tungsten, molybdenum, titanium, niobium, chromium and other Master Alloy, can make the melting temperature lower, shorten the melting time of metal materials and reduce the smelting temperature.

(4) The use of Master Alloy can be added to a variety of elements at the same time, so that the refining and alloying of the smelting alloy is completed at the same time, simplifying the smelting operation and shortening the refining time.

(5) The use of pure Master Alloy can reduce the content of impurities in metal materials. Such as high purity level of Master Alloy is used for vacuum smelting of high purity alloy materials.

(6) Improve the production efficiency and reduce the production cost of metal alloy materials.

Master Alloy can be divided into: additive Master Alloy, grain refinement Master Alloy, metamorphic Master Alloy, purification Master Alloy, deoxidation and desulphurisation Master Alloy and so on. The Master Alloy we provide are mainly differentiated according to the different substrates: aluminium-based Master Alloy, copper-based Master Alloy, iron-based Master Alloy, magnesium-based Master Alloy, nickel-based Master Alloy, etc., please refer to the following table, click on the single item to enter the page for more details, and if you have special Master Alloy for custom needs, please contact us.

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