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High Specific Gravity Copper Alloy Electronic Packaging

High Specific Gravity Copper Alloy Electronic Packaging

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Copper Molybdenum Copper Packaging Material (CuMoCu)

Attributes NamePackaging Material
Product NameCopper Molybdenum Copper Packaging Material
Element SymbolCuMoCu
Purity2N, 3N, 4N

Physical and chemical properties

It is a composite material similar to a "sandwich" structure, the core material is Mo metal, and both sides are covered with pure copper. Its expansion coefficient and other properties can be designed, and at the same time, it has the characteristics of high strength, high thermal conductivity, and can be punched and formed.

Therefore, it is often used in some more important applications as a low expansion and thermal conduction path for heat sinks, lead frames and multilayer printed circuit boards (PCBs).

☆ Can provide large area plate (length 400mm, width 200mm)

☆ Can be punched into parts to reduce costs

☆ The meeting is firmly combined and can withstand repeated high temperature shocks of 850 °C

☆ Designable thermal expansion coefficient, matching with materials such as semiconductors and ceramics

☆ High thermal conductivity

☆ Non-magnetic

Copper/Molybdenum/Copper Material Properties

Cu/Mo/CuThickness rateDensityg/cm2Thermal expansion coefficient10-6/KThermal conductivityW/m.K x-yThermal conductivityW/m.K x-z

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