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The purity of metals is relative to impurities, which in a broad sense include chemical impurities (elements) and physical impurities (crystal defects). However, the concept of physical impurities is meaningful only when the metal purity is very high, so the production of chemical impurity content is still generally used as a criterion for evaluating the purity of metals. That is, the main metal minus the total content of impurities expressed as a percentage. Commonly used N (the first letter of nine) on behalf of. Generally speaking, a theoretically pure metal should be pure and completely free of impurities, and have a constant melting point and crystal structure. But technically any metal can not reach the absolute purity without impurities, so the pure metal only has a relative meaning, it only indicates that the current technology can reach the standard. With the improvement of the level of purification, the purity of metals is increasing as the level of purification increases. At the same time, the difficulty of purification of each metal is not the same, such as semiconductor materials, said 9N above the high purity, and refractory metals such as tungsten up to 6N is ultra-high purity.

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High-purity metal raw materials are mainly used in semiconductor integrated circuits, microelectronics, chemical and special alloy materials and other industries. With the development of large-scale integrated circuits and the rapid expansion of the market size of electrical and electronic products such as computers, the market demand for high-purity metals is increasing. High-purity metals as matrix materials can be used to prepare high-purity reagents for high-tech fields, such as magnetic recording materials, magnetic sensor materials, optoelectronic materials and hydrogenation catalytic materials, large-scale integrated circuits, atomic reactor protection materials, biological materials, aerospace engines, low-expansion alloys, etc. The preparation, performance and application of high purity and ultra-high purity metallic materials is a new research field in the field of modern materials science and engineering, and with the development of high technology, the purity of metallic materials has put forward higher requirements and become the future development direction.

Our mature R&D products in the field of high-purity metal materials mainly include 5N high-purity nickel, 6N high-purity copper, 5N high-purity aluminium, 5N high-purity titanium and other products, and high-purity metals under research and development include high-purity vanadium, high-purity hafnium, high-purity tin, high-purity zirconium and other products. Among them, the purity of high-purity nickel products is stable to 5N, and the high purity can be up to 6N. 5N high-purity nickel can reach a stable chemical purity of more than 99.999% on the basis of analysing at least 40 impurity elements, and it has become one of the few enterprises that have achieved the industrialised batch production of 5N high-purity nickel raw materials, and its products are firstly applied in the production of high-performance nickel sputtering targets and nickel evaporation materials, and at present, the company has built a production line of high-purity nickel sputtering targets and evaporation materials. At present, the company has built a high-purity nickel sputtering target and evaporation material production line for mass production, breaking the foreign monopoly on high-purity nickel materials for semiconductor electronics and information, which is widely used in semiconductor chips, back electrodes and other industrial fields. The following picture is the actual photo of our high purity nickel sputtering target.

At the same time for the high-end and wide application of high purity new materials, the Group established a wholly-owned subsidiary Liuyang Xinkang New Materials Co., Ltd. in 2022, to lay out and plan for the high purity new materials industry. Relying on the products and technology reserves of high purity nickel metal, high purity copper metal, high purity titanium metal, high purity vanadium metal and high purity aluminium metal developed by our scientific research materials division, Liuyang Xinkang is comprehensively involved in the research and development and production of high purity metals, high purity compounds and high purity alloys in accordance with the needs of the domestic and international markets, with a total investment of hundreds of millions of yuan in the research and development of high purity new materials and the industrialisation of the project in the Liuyang Economic and Technological Development Zone, which is now in the planning and implementation phase. More than acres, has begun planning and implementation.

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