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High Entropy Alloy Product List

High Entropy Alloy

Attributes NameHigh Entropy Alloy Materials
Product NameAlloys made of five or more metals
Element SymbolHEA
Purity2N, 3N, 4N

Physical and chemical properties

High-entropy alloys, referred to as HEA, are alloys made of five or more metals in equal or approximately equal amounts.

High Entropy Alloy Product List
Cobalt chromium iron nickel manganese (CoCrFeNiMn)Titanium niobium tantalum zirconium molybdenum(TiNbTaZrMo)Tungsten molybdenum tantalum niobium vanadium(WMoTaNbV)Cobalt chromium iron nickel molybdenum(CoCrFeNiMo)
Aluminum chromium iron copper nickel(AlCrFeCuNi)Aluminum chromium iron cobalt nickel(AlCrFeCoNi)Cobalt chromium iron nickel manganese(CoCrFeNiMn)Titanium zirconium hafnium niobium molybdenum(TiZrHfNbMo)
Titanium Zirconium Hafnium Vanadium Tantalum (TiZrHfVTa)Zirconium Titanium Hafnium Niobium Molybdenum (ZrTiHfNbMo)Iron Chromium Cobalt Aluminum Titanium (FeCrCoAlTi)Cobalt Chromium Iron Nickel Copper (CoCrFeNiCu)
Cobalt chromium iron nickel titanium(CoCrFeNiTi)Titanium zirconium vanadium tantalum molybdenum (TiZrVTaMo)Aluminum titanium vanadium iron chromium(AlTiVFeCr)Aluminum titanium vanadium iron germanium (AlTiVFeGe)
Aluminum titanium vanadium iron scandium(AlTiVFeSc)Iron cobalt nickel silicon aluminum(FeCoNiAlSi)Titanium zirconium vanadium tantalum (TiZrVTa)Niobium molybdenum tantalum tungsten aluminum(NbMoTaWAl)
Copper Aluminum Titanium Vanadium Tungsten(CuAlTiVW)Tungsten Molybdenum Tantalum Zirconium (WMoTaZr)Zirconium Vanadium Molybdenum Hafnium Niobium(ZrVMoHfNb)Titanium Zirconium Vanadium Niobium Molybdenum (TiZrVNbMo)
Titanium Zirconium Hafnium Vanadium Molybdenum (TiZrHfVMo)Cobalt Chromium Nickel Aluminum Titanium (CoCrNiAlTi)Cobalt Chromium Iron Nickel Molybdenum (CoCrFeNiMo)Aluminum Iron Nickel Cobalt Chromium (AlFeNiCoCr)
Tantalum Hafnium Zirconium Titanium (TaHfZrTi)Zirconium Molybdenum Chromium Niobium (ZrMoCrNb)Cobalt Chromium Iron Nickel Aluminum (CoCrFeNiAl)Cobalt Chromium Iron Nickel Copper (CoCrFeNiCu)
Cobalt Chromium Nickel Aluminum (CoCrNiAl)Chromium Manganese Iron Cobalt Nickel (CrMnFeCoNi)Aluminum Zirconium Niobium Molybdenum (AlZrNbMo)Cobalt Chromium Iron Nickel Tungsten (CoCrFeNiV)
Iron nickel chromium copper aluminum (FeNiCrCuAl)Titanium tungsten aluminum chromium zirconium (TiVAlCrZr)Cobalt chromium iron nickel molybdenum (CoCrFeNiMo)Copper aluminum titanium tungsten vanadium (CuAlTiWV)
Titanium niobium molybdenum tantalum tungsten (TiNbMoTaW)Titanium zirconium hafnium tungsten niobium (TiZrHfVNb)Iron manganese cobalt chromium (FeMnCoCr)Aluminum cobalt chromium iron nickel (AlCoCrFeNi)
Iron cobalt nickel chromium(FeCoNiCr)Nickel cobalt chromium aluminum yttrium (NiCoCrAlY)Nickel cobalt chromium aluminum yttrium tantalum(NiCoCrAlYTa)Cobalt chromium aluminum yttrium tantalum(CoCrAlYTa)
There are many types of high-entropy alloys, and many of them are not listed.If you have any needs, please call us.