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High Entropy Alloy Product List
High Entropy Alloy Product List

High Entropy Alloy Product List


The excellent comprehensive properties of high-entropy alloys make them have a wide range of applications. High-entropy alloys have excellent soft magnetic properties, and are superior to existing conventional soft magnetic materials in terms of mechanical properties and processing properties;

High-entropy alloys have excellent high-temperature stability and high-temperature oxidation resistance, and can be used in extreme environments;

High-entropy alloys have the characteristics of high hardness and high strength, and can be used as hard tool coatings;

In addition, high-entropy alloys can also be used as light-to-heat conversion materials, lightweight alloy materials, mold materials, etc.

High-entropy alloys are also widely used in many fields such as motors, transformers, machine tools, consumer electronics, engine blades, jet engines, and nuclear fusion.

High-entropy alloys have strong amorphous formation ability, and some high-entropy alloys can form amorphous phases in as-cast structures. However, in order to obtain the amorphous structure of traditional alloys, a huge cooling rate is required to keep the structure with random distribution of liquid atoms at room temperature.

The research on amorphous metals has only emerged in recent years. Because there are no dislocations in the structure, it has high strength, hardness, plasticity, toughness, corrosion resistance and special magnetic properties. It is also widely used and prepared non-crystalline metals. Crystalline high-entropy alloys will undoubtedly further expand the application fields of high-entropy alloys.

High Entropy Alloy Product List
cobalt chromium iron nickel manganese(CoCrFeNiMn) Titanium niobium tantalum zirconium molybdenum (TiNbTaZrMo) Tungsten Molybdenum Tantalum Niobium Vanadium (WMoTaNbV) cobalt chromium iron nickel molybdenum(CoCrFeNiMo)
Aluminum chromium iron copper nickel (AlCrFeCuNi) Aluminum chromium iron cobalt nickel (AlCrFeCoNi) Cobalt-Chrome-Iron-Nickel-Manganese (CoCrFeNiMn) Titanium Zirconium Hafnium Niobium Molybdenum (TiZrHfNbMo)
Titanium Zirconium Hafnium Vanadium Tantalum (TiZrHfVTa) Zirconium-Titanium-Hafnium-Niobium-Molybdenum (ZrTiHfNbMo) Iron Chromium Cobalt Aluminum Titanium(FeCrCoAlTi) Cobalt-Chromium-Iron-Nickel-Copper (CoCrFeNiCu)
Cobalt-Chromium-Iron-Nickel-Titanium (CoCrFeNiTi) Titanium-Zirconium-Vanadium-Tantalum-Molybdenum (TiZrVTaMo) Aluminum Titanium Vanadium Iron Chromium (AlTiVFeCr) Aluminum-Titanium-Vanadium-Fe-Germanium (AlTiVFeGe)
Aluminum-Titanium-Vanadium-Iron-Scandium (AlTiVFeSc) Iron Cobalt Nickel Silicon Aluminum(FeCoNiAlSi) Titanium-Zirconium-Vanadium-Tantalum (TiZrVTa) Niobium-Molybdenum-Tantalum-Tungsten-Aluminum (NbMoTaWAl)
Copper Aluminum Titanium Vanadium Tungsten (CuAlTiVW) Tungsten-Molybdenum-Tantalum-Zirconium (WMoTaZr) Zirconium-Vanadium-Molybdenum-Hafnium-Niobium (ZrVMoHfNb) Titanium Zirconium Vanadium Niobium Molybdenum (TiZrVNbMo)
Titanium-Zirconium-Hafnium-Vanadium-Molybdenum (TiZrHfVMo) Cobalt-Chromium-Nickel-Aluminum-Titanium (CoCrNiAlTi) Cobalt-Chromium-Iron-Nickel-Molybdenum (CoCrFeNiMo) Aluminum Ferro-Nickel Cobalt Chromium (AlFeNiCoCr)
Tantalum Hafnium Zirconium Titanium (TaHfZrTi) Zirconium-Molybdenum-Chromium-Niobium (ZrMoCrNb) Cobalt-chromium-iron-nickel-aluminum (CoCrFeNiAl) Cobalt-Chromium-Iron-Nickel Copper (CoCrFeNiCu)
Cobalt-Chromium-Nickel-Aluminum (CoCrNiAl) Chromium-manganese-iron cobalt-nickel(CrMnFeCoNi) Aluminum-Zirconium-Niobium-Molybdenum (AlZrNbMo) Cobalt-Chromium-Iron-Nickel-Tungsten (CoCrFeNiV)
Ferro-nickel-chromium-copper-aluminum (FeNiCrCuAl) Titanium Tungsten Aluminum Chromium Zirconium (TiVAlCrZr) Cobalt-chromium-iron-nickel-molybdenum (CoCrFeNiMo) Copper Aluminum Titanium Tungsten Vanadium (CuAlTiWV)
Titanium-Niobium-Molybdenum-Tantalum-Tungsten (TiNbMoTaW) Titanium zirconium hafnium tungsten niobium (TiZrHfVNb) Iron Manganese Cobalt Chromium(FeMnCoCr) Aluminum Cobalt Chromium Iron Nickel (AlCoCrFeNi)
Iron Cobalt Nickel Chromium (FeCoNiCr) Nickel-cobalt-chromium-aluminum-yttrium (NiCoCrAlY) Nickel-cobalt-chromium-aluminum-yttrium-tantalum (NiCoCrAlYTa) Cobalt-Chromium-Aluminum-Yttrium-Tantalum (CoCrAlYTa)