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Product NameCrystal Materials
ShapeCrystal /Granules
Moq1pc/ 100g
Specificationsvarious specifications and sizes can be processed and customized according to customer requirements

Physical and chemical properties

The organization of atoms in a material is one way in which materials differ. Some materials, such as silicon and germanium, have repeating arrangements of atoms or very fixed structures throughout the material, which we call crystals. There may actually be two levels of atomic organization for crystalline materials. The first is the organization of individual atoms. The atoms in the crystal are arranged in a unit cell structure that repeats throughout the crystal. Another term referring to unit cell structure is lattice, a crystalline material has a specific lattice structure and atoms are located at specific points in the lattice structure. The number of atoms, relative positions, and binding energies between atoms in the unit cell can bring about many properties of the material, and each crystalline material has a unique unit cell.

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Semiconductor Crystal
Germanium crystalSilicon crystal
Silicon carbide crystal
Scintillation Crystal
CE: YAG CrystalBismuth germanatecrystal(Bi4Ge3O12)
Cerium doped yttrium aluminum perovskite (CE: YAP)Cadmium tungstate crystal (CdWO4)
Photoelectric Crystal
Terbium Gallium Garnet Crystal (TGG)Titanium dioxide crystal (TiO2)
Lithium niobate crystalTellurium oxide crystal (TeO)
Nonlinear Optical Crystal
Potassium titanate phosphate crystal (KTP)Lithium Niobate Crystal (LiNbO₃)
Lithium tantalate crystal (LiTaO3)
Infrared Crystal
Magnesium fluoride crystal (MgF₂)Sapphire crystal (Al2O3)
Barium fluoride crystal (BaF2)Lithium fluoride crystal (LiF)
Calcium fluoride crystal(CaF₂)
Laser Crystal
Titanium doped sapphire crystal (Ti: Al2O3)Ytterbium doped yttrium aluminum garnet crystal (Yb: YAG)
Erbium Doped Yttrium Aluminum Garnet Crystal (Er: YAG )Holmium yttrium aluminum garnet crystals (Ho: YAG)
Neodymium doped yttrium aluminum garnet crystals (Nd: YAG )