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Evaporation Materials

Beryllium (Be) Evaporation Pellets

Attributes NameEvaporation Materials
Product NameBeryllium (Be) Evaporation Pellets
Element SymbolBe
ShapeBalls, Granules

Physical and chemical properties

High-purity beryllium particles are gray in appearance, density 1.85g/cm3, electronegativity 1.57 Paulings, heat of fusion 12.2 kJ/mol, tensile strength 310-550 MPa, thermal Conductivity 200 W/m K, Thermal expansion (25 °C) 11.3 µm m-1 K-1, Vickers hardness 1670 MPa, Young's hardness 287 GPa,


≤2mm, 3-8mm, 1-10mm, etc. or as per your request


It is used in beryllium aluminum, beryllium copper, beryllium nickel alloy, or smelting beryllium ingots, or in the nuclear industry, weapon systems, aerospace industry, X-ray instruments, electronic information systems, automotive industry, household appliances, etc. Beryllium powder metallurgy parts, beryllium-containing alloy additives, high temperature anti-corrosion alloys, Locke alloys, powder metallurgy additives, and grain refiners.

Metal Evaporation Materials

FormulaSize/MmMelting Point/℃Density(G/Cm3)Evaporation SourceApplication
AuΦ3x3.Φ6x6,Customized106419.3BMetal Reflective Film, Decorative Film
AgΦ3x3.Φ6x6,Customized96210.49BMetal Reflective Film
Ag-CuΦ3x3.Φ6x6,Customized950BMetal Reflective Film
AlΦ3x3.Φ6x6,Customized6602.7BMetal Reflective Film
Cr1-3, 3-519077.23BFunctional Film, Metal Reflective Film
Ge3-6mm, Customized9385.5BAnti-Reflective Film, Heat Reflective Film, Dichroic Filter, Laser Coating