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Custom Metal Erbium (Er) Materials

Material TypeErbium
Atomic Weight167.259
Atomic Number68
Color/AppearanceSilvery White, Metallic
Thermal Conductivity15 W/m.K
Melting Point (°C)1529

Erbium (Er) General Information:

Erbium, element symbol Er, atomic number 68, is located in the 6th period of the periodic table of chemical elements, No. 11 of the Lanthanide series (IIIB group), with an atomic weight of 167.26. Erbium is a silver-white metal; melting point 1529°C, boiling point 2863°C, density 9.006g/cm3; Erbium is antiferromagnetic at low temperatures, strongly ferromagnetic when close to absolute zero, and is a superconductor.

Erbium is slowly oxidized by air and water at room temperature, and erbium oxide is rose red.


Erbium PieceCustomize99.9%-99.95%
Erbium Ingot1kg, Or Customize99.9%-99.95%
Erbium Lump1kg, Or Customize99.9%-99.95%
Erbium PelletsФ1-50mm99.9%-99.95%
Erbium TargetCustomize99.9%-99.95%
Erbium CubeCustomize99.9%-99.95%

The most prominent use of erbium is in the manufacture of Erbium Dopant Fiber Amplifier (EDFA). Another hot application area of erbium is laser, especially as a medical laser material. Erbium can be used as a reactor control material; erbium can also be used as an activated ion for rare earth upconversion laser materials. Its oxide Er2O3 is rose red and is used to make pottery glazes. Erbium oxide is used in the ceramics industry to produce a pink enamel.

Erbium (Er) Metal Element Overview:

We smelts any of the metals and most other advanced materials into rod, bar or plate form, or customer provide drawing produce.

We sell these different shape tin metal materials by unit weight or piece for different use in research area and for new proprietary technologies.

For example: Erbium target, Erbium lump, Erbium ingot, Erbium pellets, Erbium cube, Erbium pieces. Other shapes are available by request.

Erbium01Erbium Cube
Erbium02Erbium Lump
Erbium03Erbium Ingot
Erbium04Erbium Piece
Erbium05Erbium Pellets
Erbium06Erbium Target