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Copper Master Alloy

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Copper Master Alloy (Cu)

Copper master alloy
namemarkAlloying quantityNatureApplication
Copper manganese alloyCuMn3028.0-31.0%MntoughAddition of manganese in copper alloy smelting
Copper - arsenic alloyCuAs3028.0-31.0%AscrispAddition of Arsenic in Copper Alloy Smelting
Copper-phosphorus alloyCuP1413.0-15.0%PcrispAddition of phosphorus in Copper Alloy Smelting
Copper magnesium alloyCuMg2017.0-23.0%MgcrispAddition of magnesium in Copper Alloy Smelting
Copper silicon alloyCuSi2018.0-21.0%SicrispAddition of silicon in Copper Alloy Smelting
Copper boron alloyCuB54.0-7.0%BtoughAddition of boron in Copper Alloy Smelting
Copper rare earth alloyCuRe1817-19%RetoughAddition of rare earth in Copper Alloy Smelting
Copper-chromium alloyCuCr109.0%-11.0%CrtoughAddition of chromium in Copper Alloy Smelting
Copper-iron alloyCuFe109.0-11.0%FetoughAddition of iron in Copper Alloy Smelting

The master alloy is a kind of metal as the matrix, and one or several elements are added to it to solve the problems of easy burning, high melting point, difficult to melt, high density and easy segregation, or special alloys used to improve the properties of the alloy. It is an additive functional material.

The composition of the intermediate alloy is complex and various, and it is designed according to the composition and special requirements of the metal material to be smelted. A kind of base alloy and additives, it cannot be used directly as a metal material. Compared with the element to be added, the master alloy generally has a lower melting point, a faster dissolution rate, a more stable yield, and a stronger ability to improve the properties of the alloy. Therefore, the master alloy can be used as an element in the alloy production process. It has a wide range of applications in the metal industry.