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Custom Metal Calcium (Ca) Materials

Material TypeCalcium
Atomic Weight40.078
Atomic Number20
Color/AppearanceSilvery White Metallic
Thermal Conductivity200 W/m.K
Melting Point(°C)839
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion22.3 x 10-6/K
Theoretical Density (g/cc)1.54

Calcium (Ca) General Information:
The chemical symbol of calcium is Ca, atomic number 20, relative atomic mass 40.087, melting point 842°C, boiling point 1484°C, density 1.55g/cm³, and ionization energy 6.11 electron volts. Calcium is a silver-white crystal with slightly soft texture and active chemical properties. It can form a layer of oxide (calcium oxide) or nitride film (calcium nitride) on the surface in the air to prevent further corrosion. It is mostly in ionic state. or exist in compound form;


Calcium BarФ5-200mm99.5%-99.9%
Calcium Ingot1kg, Or Customizea99.5%-99.9%
Calcium Lump1kg, Or Customize99.5%-99.9%
Calcium PelletФ1-50mm99.5%-99.9%
Calcium TargetCustomize99.5%-99.9%
Calcium CubeCustomize99.5%-99.9%

The main mineral sources in industry include limestone, gypsum, etc. Calcium can be used as oil dehydrating agent, metallurgical reducing agent, deoxidizing agent, etc. for alloys, and is mainly used in industrial and medical fields.

Calcium (Ca) Metal Element Overview:

We smelts any of the metals and most other advanced materials into rod, bar or plate form, or customer provide drawing produce.
We sell these different shape calcium metal materials by unit weight or piece for different use in research area and for new proprietary technologies.

For example:Calcium Bar, Calcium Ingot, Calcium Lump, Calcium Pellets, Calcium Target,  Calcium Cube.Other shapes are available by request.

Calcium BarCalcium Bar
Calcium CubeCalcium Cube
Calcium IngotCalcium Ingot
Calcium LumpCalcium Lump
Calcium PelletsCalcium Pellets
Calcium TargetCalcium Target