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Custom Metal Caesium (Cs) Materials

Material TypeCaesium
Atomic Weight132.91
Atomic Number55
Melting Point(°C)28.5
Boiling  Point(°C)705
Theoretical Density (g/cc)1.873

Caesium (Cs) General Information:

Silvery white malleable metal. Relative density 1.892 (18℃). Melting point 28.44℃. Boiling point 671℃. It oxidizes rapidly in moist air and can spontaneously ignite. Hardness 0.2 Mohs. Reacts with water to release H2, which is soluble in liquid ammonia. It is the most fusible metal after mercury. Cesium has similar properties to potassium, but is more reactive than potassium (the most reactive of the alkali metals). It ignites on contact with air and produces an explosive reaction when mixed with organic matter. Reacts violently with water or acids to release H2 and burn. Violently reactive and sometimes explosive

Caesium Element Cube

Caesium Element Cube