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Beryllium Oxide Ceramic Material

Beryllium Oxide Ceramic Material

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Beryllium Oxide (BeO) Ceramic Materials

Attributes NameCeramic Materials
Product NameBeryllium Oxide Ceramic Materials
Element SymbolBeO
Purity2N, 3N, 4N

Physical and chemical properties

It is a ceramic mainly composed of beryllium oxide. Mainly used as a substrate for large-scale integrated circuits, high-power gas laser tubes, heat sink shells for transistors, microwave output windows and neutron moderators.

Made of high-purity beryllium oxide material, it can be used as a crucible for melting rare metals and high-purity metals Be, Zr, Pt, V, etc., with high thermal conductivity and excellent thermal stability.


Military manufacturing, nuclear power, metallurgical engineering, electronics industry, rocket manufacturing, etc.

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