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Aluminum Master Alloy (Al)


Aluminummaster alloy is a traditional product mainly used to adjust the composition of aluminum melting items. Some simple elements’ melting point is high and not easy to melt, so, will need this master alloy’s help.

The melting method and aluminum are used to form an intermediate, and the melting temperature of this intermediate is significantly reduced, so that some metal elements with a higher melting temperature are added to the aluminum liquid at a lower temperature to adjust the element content of the melt




A. The composition is uniform and the melting temperature is low

B. Easy to break, easy to join

c. High ingredient content, easy to absorb

NameGradeElements%ApplicationAdd ContentMeltingFeature
AluminumCopper AlloyAlCu50Cu48~52Help adjust alloy elementsAs request570~600Crisp
Aluminum Silicon AlloyAlSi20Si18~20700~800Crisp
Aluminum manganese alloyAlMn10Mn9~11770~830Tough
Aluminum manganese alloyAlMn20Mn18~22780~850Tough
Aluminum titanium alloyAlTi5Ti4~6Grain refinement, improve plasticity1020~1070Easy to segregate
Aluminum titanium alloyAlTi10Ti9~111020~1070Easy to segregate
Aluminum Nickel AlloyAlNi10Ni9~11Improve plasticityandperformance680~730Tough
Aluminum chrome alloyAlCr5Gr4~6900~1000Easy to segregate
Aluminum chrome alloyAlCr10Gr9~11900~1000Easy to segregate
Aluminum chrome alloyAlCr20Gr18~22910~1020Easy to segregate
Aluminum Zirconium AlloyAlZr5Zr4~6800~850Easy to segregate
Aluminum antimony alloyAlSb4Sb3~5660Easy to segregate
Aluminum antimony alloyAlSb10Sb9~11660Easy to segregate
Aluminum iron alloyAlFe20Fe18~221020Crisp
Aluminum beryllium alloyAlBe1BBe0.9~1.2820Tough
Aluminum beryllium alloyAlBe3Be2~4820Tough
Aluminum beryllium alloyAlBe5Be4.5~5.5820Tough
Aluminum boron alloyAlB3B2.5~3.5Reduce resistivity, improve conductivity, grain refinement2~4‰800Tough
AlTiB(block, wire, rod)AlTi5B1Ti4.5~6B0.9~1.20.5~2‰680Easy to segregate
Aluminum Rare Earth AlloyAlRe10Re9~11grain refinement2~3‰800Easy to segregate
Al-Ti-B Rare Earth AlloyAlTi5B1Re10Ti5B1Re101~3‰800Easy to segregate
Aluminum Titanium Carbon AlloyAlTi5C0.2Ti5C0.21~2‰1020~1070Easy to segregate
Aluminum strontium alloyAlSr10Sr9~11For the long-term deterioration of aluminum-silicon alloys with silicon content below 13%1~2‰680~740Easy to segregate
Aluminum yttrium alloyAlY5Y4~6Improve plasticity1~2‰740~800Easy to segregate
Aluminum vanadium alloyAlV5V4.5~5.5increase liquidity2~3‰700~720Easy to segregate
Aluminum bismuth alloyAlBi10Bi9~11Adjust alloy composition to increase fluidityAs request650Easy to segregate