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Aluminum Titanium (AlTi) Sputtering Targets

High purity 3N (99.9%) Aluminum Titanium alloy target, The price is for reference only, please contact customer service for quotation.

Purity:2N8 3N
Shape:Planar target
Package:Three-layer vacuum packaging or argon gas protection, in line with IATA, DOT packaging specification


Physical and chemical properties

The titanium-aluminum alloy target is produced by hot isostatic pressing technology, with good hardness, high brightness, corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance, and does not change color for a long time. Widely used in tool coating, decorative coating, various magnetron sputtering machines and ion plating machines. The end result is a constant erosion rate as well as a high purity and uniform thin film coating during the PVD process.

Tools with titanium-coated aluminum film have higher feed rates, better cutting performance, longer service life and higher metal removal rates that can be achieved effortlessly. Titanium-aluminum sputtering targets and arc cathodes are also used for decorative coatings to obtain gold-brown and brown-black films. Our targets have been approved by numerous end-users, including manufacturers of watches, bathrooms, car mirrors, and more.

Xinkang manufactures AlTi 25/75, AlTi 30/70, AlTi 33/67, AlTi 40/60, AlTi 50/50, AlTi 75/25 at% targets and cathodes for decorative and tool coating. The flexibility of our production process allows us to adjust the microstructure of the coating material to achieve the effect you desire. If the particles of the sputtering target are uniformly arranged, the user can benefit from a constant etch rate and a uniform layer.

Below are two photomicrographs of our Al-Ti (30/70 at%) sputtering targets with an average grain size <100μm.

We produce titanium-aluminum alloy sputtering targets with high purity and the most important advantage is that your films have excellent electrical conductivity and minimize particle formation during the PVD process. The table below is a typical analytical demonstration of a 2N8 high-purity titanium-aluminum (30/70 atomic %) sputtering target.


Alloy Sputtering Targets
Nickel vanadium target(NiV target)3N5Iron manganese target(FeMn target)3N5
Nickel chromium target(NiCr target)2N8,3N,3N5Aluminum copper target(AlCu target)4N,4N5,5N
Nickel iron target(NiFe target)3N5Aluminum silicon target(AlSi target)4N,4N5,5N
Nickel platinum target(NiPt target)3N5Aluminum titanium target(AlTi target)4N,4N5
Nickel copper target(NiCu target)3N5Aluminum tin copper target(AlSnCu target)4N
Nickel copper titanium target(NiCuTi target)3N5Aluminum copper silicon target(AlCuSi target)4N
Nickel copper manganese target(NiCuMn target)3N5Aluminum chromium target(AlCr target)4N
Aluminum titanium target(NiTi target)3N5,4NAluminum neodymium target(AlNd target)4N
Nickel tungsten target(NiW target)4NAluminum scandium target(AlSc target)3N5
Nickel cobalt target(NiCo target)3N5Aluminum zinc target(AlZn target)3N5,4N
Nickel chromium silicon target(NiCrSi target)3NAluminum magnesium target(AlMg target)3N5,4N
Nickel chromium iron target(NiCrFe target)3NVanadium titanium target(VTi target)3N5
Nickel iron molybdenum target(NiFeMo target)3NVanadium tantalum tungsten target(VTaW target)3N5
Cobalt-tantalum-zirconium target(CoTaZr target)3N5Tungsten-titanium target(WTi target)3N5,4N
Cobalt chromium target(CoCr target)3N5Tungsten molybdenum target(WMo target)3N5
Cobalt chromium molybdenum target(CoCrMo target)3N5Molybdenum niobium target(MoNb target)3N5
Cobalt chromium tungsten target(CoCrW target)3N5Molybdenum tantalum target(MoTa target)3N5
Cobalt chromium nickel target(CoCrNi target)3N5Molybdenum sodium target(MoNa target)3N5
Copper-nickel target(CuNi target)3N5Niobium-tin target(NbSn target)3N5
Copper nickel titanium target(CuNiTi target)3N5Niobium zirconium target(NbZr target)3N5
Copper gallium target(CuGa target)4N,4N5Tantalum tungsten target(TaW target)3N5
Copper indium target(CuIn target)4N,4N5Tantalum niobium target(TaNb target)3N5
Copper indium gallium target(CuInGa target)4N,4N5Chromium aluminum target(CrAl target)3N
Copper aluminum target(CuAl target)4N,4N5,5NChromium silicon target(CrSi target)3N
Copper tin target(CuSn target)4NChromium silicon aluminum target(CrSiAl target)3N
Iron hafnium target(FeHf target)3N5Zinc tin target(ZnSn target)4N
Iron-nickel target(FeNi target)3N5,4NZinc-aluminum target(ZnAl target)4N
Iron-silicon target(FeSi target)3N5Tin-silver-copper target(SnAgCu target)4N
Iron-cobalt target(FeCo target)3N5Indium-tin target(InSn target)4N